How To Choose Clothes For Skinny Guys

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Skinny gents usually tend to have some dilemmas when it comes to assembling wardrobe pieces. There are several simple rules to follow to make sure you’re not making any wrongdoings that do your look a prejudice. Define Sleek is here to help you out with a few simple tricks on how to get the illusion of size, especially if you’re on the slimmer side.

7 Style Tips How To Choose Clothes for Skinny Men

1. Choose Crew-Neck Instead of V-form

Try avoiding V-necks for most circumstances, particularly the ones with a broader scoop. Crew necks tend to give the appearance of squared shoulders and also complement a narrower frame much better than v-necks do.
man crew neck jumper style
Fabian Lück | IG fabianlueck1

2. Make Your Neck Look More Muscular

Turtle necks are the perfect choice to create this impression. Although, there are many more options to achieve this effect. You can find sweaters and cardigans in various models, such as the following:
  • Stand-up collars
  • Zip necks
  • Shawl collars
  • Funnel necks
zip necks and collars make neck look muscular
Fabian Lück | IG fabianlueck1

3. Choose Fabrics That Add Mass to Your Build

Wearing the right fabric is another key component to add some visual bulk to your look. Textured fabrics do the trick by giving the illusion of more mass. So look for materials like:
  • Wool
  • Tweed
  • Flannel
  • Glen check
  • Denim
  • Corduroy
fabrics that add mass to the build
Fabian Lück | IG fabianlueck1

4. Colours and Patterns Boost Visual Heft

During summertime, wear light colours including white, beige, or pastel shades. Darker colours have the power to slim you down, meanwhile lighter tones have the opposite effect – they add some heft to your look. Remember the case why rooms with lighter walls seem to be spacier than exactly same-sized rooms with darker walls.
Checks, stripes, patterns can also add some visual heft in the same way that textures do. Rule to remember – the smaller the scale of the pattern is, the more it increases your visual heft.
colours and patterns boost visual heft
Fabian Lück | IG fabianlueck1

5. Wear Clothes That Fit

It’s probably the most common mistake skinnier gents make. The tendency is to hide one’s frame by wearing baggier clothing, but this will only make one look smaller. Whatever you do, just make sure your outfit fits you correctly, you don’t want any bagging in the trousers, nor in the upper part. Avoid baggy jeans, oversized tees or jumpers, stocky outerwear. You should always be intending for well-fitted clothes. It will give you a much cleaner silhouette and the sense of a more customised look. Clothes should line naturally and fit tightly to your body.
Pay extreme attention to your shoulders and sleeves. The shoulder seam of the shirt should end right at your shoulder’s edge. If the seam is too short, the shirt’s going to look too small on you. Otherwise, if it’s down too low, your shoulders gonna look like they’re drooping. If the seam ends right at the shoulder edge, it’s going to frame your shoulders and your chest correctly.
Similarly, sleeves should be wide enough for your arms. If they’re too tight, you’re going to have wrinkling all around your arms, and if they’re too loose – you know the rest.

6. Wear Multiple Layers

The idea of layering is all about making your outfit blend together naturally. The aim here is to layer your clothes from thin to thick and from light to sturdy. Begin with the lightest fabric and get thicker with each layer you add on top of it. Similarly, go from light patterns and textures to heavier ones. An Oxford shirt and a jumper combination together with a solid quality denim jacket can go along. FYI read our guide on how to wear a denim jacket.

men's style with multiple layers
Fabian Lück | IG fabianlueck1
Moreover, all your layers should be visible, so you want them to be organised. All the colours in your outfit should complement each other. However, the thing to remember – don’t wrap yourself in too many layers. One or two extra layers – that’s enough.

7. That Perfect Item

Find your favourite item, for instance, a stylish jacket. Most jackets are designed to accent the male form by framing it. They will make you look wide in the shoulder and narrow down to your waist. This strengthens your V-shape. The jacket will open up from your torso to your neck so your shirt and other layers could be visible. This will open up your chest, where you are broadest. 

jackets accent male form
Fabian Lück | IG fabianlueck1

3 Style Don’ts for Skinny Men

1. Don’t Wear Big Accessories

You want to stay clear of large belt buckles, large watch faces, oversized scarves and other significant details. Instead, go for more classic looking watches, simple and minimalistic bracelets, traditional belt buckles without huge decorative elements.

2. Don’t Wear Skinny Jeans

Although we advised going for slimmer fittings, don’t take this too far. Stick to normal, straight or slim fitting jeans or alternatively choose chinos.

3. Avoid Vertical Stripes

This is a commonly known rule for skinnier builds. Stick to horizontal lines, as these will give a more squared appearance rather than giving a more streamlined look that the vertical lines do. Wearing a T-shirt with horizontal stripes can make your chest look larger and your shoulders broader.

The Final Thoughts

Our honest advice not only for slim guys but more in general would be to get down to the tailor’s place. A good tailor would advise you what clothes to choose which would utterly fit you regardless of your size and shape.

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