Best Colours To Wear For Your Skin Tone

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Selecting tones that work best for you isn’t so easy as one might think. Define sleek is here for you to introduce several basic rules when it comes to an understanding of the hues that compliment you. Although it’s not plainly about charm and aesthetics. Knowing what works best for you can give you that extra confidence.

How To Determine Your Skin Tone?

Take a look at your forearm – it’s the best indicator. To decide which colours should form the centre of your wardrobe, you’ll need to determine whether your skin tone is pale, light, medium/olive, or dark.

Pale Skin

You’ll probably have noticed that some shades tend to wash you out or make you look even paler. Follow these rules to overcome this:

Best Colours To Wear For Pale Skin

If you’ve got light or pale skin, the colours that contrast with your skin will bring out some glow to your complexion. Just simply base your outfits around deeper, darker shades, which you can combine with lighter colours. For instance, dark grey, brown, burgundy, bottle green or navy will work well. If you’re up for going neutral, wear light colours by mixing them with darker shades for the significant effect. Try experimenting with pastel tees or shirts with a navy bomber or a dark green overshirt. The aim here is to create contrast, yet just not too much of it.

colours to wear for light skintone
Dovydas Stancaitis | IG dovydasstancaitis

Colours To Avoid For Pale Skin

The advice would be to avoid super soft, washed, pastel shades or really bright and vibrant colours as these have a downside to wash your face out. Rather than choosing white, cream, beige or stone, opt for more vibrant tones such as variations of sand, gold, camel, khaki or grey. 

Light Skin

Skin that is light in colour, yet tans relatively quickly falls into this section.

Best Colours To Wear For Light Skin

Earthy tones such as shades of green or brown can work perfectly for you. Try pairing it with a white T-shirt and some dark denim. Moreover, autumnal hues of burnt orange and toned down yellow can have a similar impact. Use monochrome base layer and play with these kinds of colours to keep the look tied. Black and white will always complement your character, so keep in mind to rotate items in these shades, so you have plenty of options to choose from without getting bored.
colours to wear for light skin
Sam Grey | IG samgraystyle

Colours To Avoid For Light Skin

Pastels, nudes and anything that is slightly too pale or dull. The aim is to bring out your glow, so pastel or washed out hues will drain your complexion by giving too little of a contrast.

Olive or Medium Skin

Men with olive skin tend to have a soft yellow or green undertone and just a  warm complexion overall.
colours to wear for ovile skintone
Filippo Fiora | IG filippofiora

Best Colours To Wear For Olive or Medium Skin

You can assure you look your best while opting for tones that are either a bit brighter or a bit darker than completely matching your skin tone. What we mean by this is to go for pale beige or wood colour rather than warm sand. A favourite look for us – a pair of white slacks teamed with a dark jacket for that standout appearance.
colours to wear for medium skintone
Lorenzo Liverani | IG liveranilorenzo

Colours To Avoid For Olive or Medium Skin

The critical thing to learn – avoid wearing shades that are really close to your skin tone. You don’t want your skin blending in with your clothing. Colours you should probably leave behind your wardrobe include shades of pistachio, avocado, mustard and olive.

Dark Skin

Best Colours To Wear For Dark Skin

You can wear pastels, pale hues and all sorts of whites an be sure it doesn’t have any adverse outcomes. Rich and bright colours will work beautifully too – note, that living coral is the colour of the year 2019.
best colours to wear for dark skintone
Dénola Grey | IG denolagrey

Colours To Avoid For Dark Skin

Brown is quite not a choice here. Similarly, like pastel shades wash out paler skin tones, brown won’t do any good to create a contrast with darker skin, which results in your clothing blending with your skin. The advice would be to pick one tone lighter or darker colours.

Tips For Choosing Clothes For Your Skin Tone

When assembling the outfit, most impactful colour choices should be considered with the items that are closest to your face: a shirt, tie, and a jacket. If you want to wear colours that slip outside your colour selection, try to keep them far from your face. Instead, choose that colour for your pants, socks or a pocket square.
colours to wear for dark skintone

Wear Colors You Like No Matter What Your Skin Tone Is

By this, we mean that wearing your favourite colours you genuinely like gives you confidence and believe us – it shows. If your favourite colour doesn’t really go well with your skin tone, you can still wear it. Now we’re about to reveal a super simple trick you need to remember: just move that colour to another place in your whole outfit. Keep in mind that contrast is always vital. Style is still about self-expression, so if there is a colour you like, go and wear it with confidence.

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