Best Men’s Dress Shirt And How To Pick The Right One

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It doesn’t matter what you do, and most certainly it doesn’t matter where you work, but a dress shirt is an essential piece of clothing every man should own. Heading for a night out with your friends or perhaps going to the office? Then putting one of your best dress shirt is a perfect way to make you look sharp and stylish.

One of the worst shopping mistakes you could do is buy a cheap dress shirt at your local mall. You need to take into consideration a few factors before purchasing one. Fit, material and cost are among a few most important ones. This article is going to guide you through the process. So follow along and learn how to pick the best men’s dress shirt for yourself.

What is Dress Shirt?

First and foremost what is a dress shirt? It’s not difficult to distinguish a sports shirt from a dress shirt. Although they look similar. This garment is a button-up shirt with a collar, long sleeves and wrist cuffs. A dress shirt is designed to be worn with a jacket and tie. But it’s up to you how you decide to wear it.

men with dress shirt and suspenders
IG akiefsheriff

How Should a Dress Shirt Fit?

  • Two fingers should fit in the collar when it’s buttoned.
  • A dress shirt should be tight around the wrist.
  • Sleeves should be long enough so that when you raise your arms cuffs don’t go down on the forearm.
  • When your arms hang, there shouldn’t be more than 1 inch of fabric bunching near the cuff.
  • Shoulders should not extend more than shoulder themselves.
  • You should have some room in the chest and waist area to be able to pinch out 1-2 inches of fabric.
men in striped dress shirt
Christopher Korey | christopherkorey

I’m sure you have a friend or a colleague that wears a dress shirt that does not fit them properly. But here’s the truth. If you are looking for a dress shirt that fits you perfectly, it’s only achievable with a custom shirt. The ready-made ones are made to fit many. So there might be some problems getting a fit flawless. But believe me, most of these small issues is unnoticeable.

men wearing dress shirt
IG perkensbienaime

To sum up, a well-fitted dress shirt should be comfortable. Discomfort can be torturing. Especially if it lasts for the most part of the day. You should know that sweet spot that suits your needs.

Most popular Dress Shirt Fabrics

1. Cotton

Let’s start with the most popular choice – cotton. For centuries cotton has served many. It still remains the “Daddy” of all fabrics. A finely woven cotton has everything you could possibly want from it. It’s durable, smooth, easy to take care of, and most of all, it feels lovely when worn close to the body.

2. Synthetic fiber

A synthetic fibrer or in other words man-made fibers. What made it so popular is pricing. It’s cheaper than cotton and by far less expensive than silk. Although it has the same desirable properties as cotton, I would highly recommend staying away from dress shirts with more than 50% synthetic fibers. However, let’s accept the fact these fabrics will continue to play a significant role in the menswear industry.

How To Take Care Of a Dress Shirt?

With proper care, a high-quality dress shirt can last for several years and continue to look as new.

You can wash your dress shirts at home. It takes some time and care, so what you need to do is: unbutton all of the buttons, and remove collar stays. Use the delicate cleaning mode. Whites and light colours can use hot water. Dark coloured shirts should be washed with cold water, so the colours don’t fade. Make sure you don’t include other items with bold colours that may bleed into your shirts. Let your shirts air dry instead of using a dryer. My honest advice – iron your shirts. You don’t need to wait for them to be completely dry. If you know trustworthy dry-cleaners, you can let them take care of your shirts.

me in bespoke dress shirt
Richard Biedul | IG richardbiedul

How Much Should a Dress Shirt Cost?

Cheap Dress Shirt

Cheap dress shirts start at around 10$. But don’t expect expensive material or a high level of craftsmanship. These shirts consist of synthetic fiber and cheap labour. My honest advice would be to save up some money for a better quality product.

Expensive Dress shirt

Anywhere between 150$ and 1000$ should be considered an expensive dress shirt. At this price point, only some of the best and certified materials are used so you can be sure that colour doesn’t fade after a few washes. Worth knowing that a quality item will serve you much longer which sometimes is overlooked. Moreover, most of the times these shirts are ethically-made, so garment workers get proper payment for their work.

men casualy wearing shirt
Christopher Korey | IG christopherkorey

Best Men's Dress Shirt

Thom Sweeney

The brand was established in 2006 by two Savile Row apprentices Thom Whiddet and Luke Sweeney. The humble beginning began at a small “shop” in Londons Mayfair. Three years later in 2009, a first proper shop was opened.

Nowadays THOM SWEENEY is a well-known brand in menswear. It makes a range of clothing for men starting with a dress shirt all a way to bespoke suits.

  • 350$ for a premium dress shirt that is going to last a long time is an excellent price to pay.
  • It’s made in England. A land that is famous for its bespoke tailoring and Savile Row.
  • Only the best fabrics from Italy, Scotland and England, are used to make these dress shirts.
  • The immaculate attention to detail is astonishing.
  • THOM SWEENEY dress shirts have a modern, contemporary feel to it.
white slim fit button down collar cotton poplin shirt

Polo Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren, an American ambassador in menswear landscape. Founded in 1967 Ralph Lauren Corporation is the biggest luxury clothing brand in the USA.

A Polo Ralph Lauren classic dress shirt is among the most popular ones out there. There are plenty of reasons why it’s considered to be the best classic dress shirt. And here’s why:

  • The cheapest dress shirts start at about 100$.
  • If a pricier shirt doesn’t scare you than consider Purple Label. The more expensive ones can go as high as 800$.
  • These dress shirts come both in a more formal and casual style.
  • This brand is well-known for its high-quality products.
  • Polo is a quintessentially American style.
slim fit penny collar striped cotton shirt

J. Crew

To some casual is synonymous to cheap clothes. Partially it’s true. However, I would argue if buying a cheap casual dress shirt at a random shop would be a good idea. That’s why I picked J. Crew as one of my favourite brands out there for buying casual dress shirts. Here are a few key points it’s worth your attention:

  • In a range of 70$ to 150$, you can buy yourself a really nice shirt.
  • It has a great balance of cost and materials used to make it.
  • It comes both in a slim fit and classic fit.
  • J.Crew looks classic but distinctly modern.
slim fit button down collar pima cotton oxford shirt

Tom Ford

In menswear, Tom Ford brand is considered to be an ultra-luxurious label. These high-end dress shirts are made only from premium materials with incredible attention to detail.

Tom Ford offers shirts for a range of occasions from business casual to a black-tie event. Without any doubts it’s one of the best brands to shop for High-End Dress Shirt and here’s why:

  • It can’t get any better than a combination of Italian craftsmanship and premium materials.
  • Tom Ford has a great variety of dress shirts.
  • Someone may find it more appealing when such an expensive dress shirt is made in Italy. By the way, it is.
blue slim fit puppytooth cotton shirt

Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss is a brand based and established in Germany back in the 1920s. We all know Germans are famous for their engineering solutions and precision to detail. Well, it carries on to tailoring as well. Hugo Boss is a modern luxury brand that offers affordable quality dress shirts. While you won’t get the same quality as a more expensive brand such as THOM SWEENEY. The tailoring and material quality still remain at a high level.

  • It starts at around 150$.
  • Hugo Boss has a great variety of shirts.
  • Offers the best of both price and quality.
black slim fit cotton poplin tuxedo shirt

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