Best Spring Jackets For Men And How To Choose The Right One

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Spring as unpredictable as it may be it is still one of the most beautiful time of the year. And with that, it is about time to get yourself the best spring jacket and elevate your style to the next level. Warm afternoons, cold evenings, spur of the moment rain showers sometimes changing to snow showers – you can experience it all within a day. It is one of those time of a year when leaving your home unprepared is not recommended. Forget the most trusted weather app or your local weather news. Keeping a spring jacket with you when mother nature decides to play a cruel trick on you is a perfect way of protecting yourself.

Men in expensive spring coats
Gabriel Akinosho | IG gabrielakinosho

How To Choose A Right Spring Jacket?

When choosing the right spring jacket you need to consider a few things: fit and, most importantly, your location. Living in a place where it rains frequently, a water repellent rain jacket would be the best option. While living by the coast, a windbreaker is better suited for those windy days. However, in places like Scandinavia or Canada weather tends to be harsher. You will need something a bit heavier and sturdier. Whatever the case is – having a few options in your wardrobe is better than having just one.

Men in spring luxury jackets
Lourens Gebhardt | IG louxthevintageguru

A List of The Best Spring Jackets For Men

  • A Blouson Jacket
  • A Denim Jacket
  • A Weatherproof Jacket
  • A Field Jacket
  • A Bomber Jacket
  • A Lightweight Jacket
  • A Leather Jacket
men in various spring jackets
Justus Frederic Hansen | IG justusf_hansen

1. A Blouson Jacket

Blouson jacket is yet another fashion staple outerwear seen in many movies. You may wonder why it’s a perfect choice for spring? Well, first of all, it’s one of the best looking jackets of all time. If matched well it can make you look every little bit as cool as Ryan Gosling in the movie “Drive”. Blouson jacket style is very similar to a bomber jacket. What makes it more different is that it has this classic collar and it’s more tailored.

Cotton Blouson Jacket

2. A Denim Jacket

Everyone knows you can’t go through the beautiful spring season without having a denim jacket. Now, denim brands are tweaking their spring jackets to make them look more distinguished in the crowd. No matter what a denim jacket is always going to be everyone’s favourite. And the king of the denim jacket still remains Levi’s iconic trucker jacket. We all love it, and I believe it’s here to stay.

apc denim jacket

3. A Weatherproof Jacket

Getting a weatherproof jacket in spring is a necessity. The best option is to pick a jacket that can handle any nasty unexpected weather shifts.

torrentshell waterproof H2No performance standard nylon ripstop hooded

4. A Field Jacket

Field jacket first introduced 50 years ago as a military jacket hasn’t changed very much. It actually became a staple spring/fall piece. You don’t have to be a soldier to be wearing one these days. You can enjoy the stylish looks and functionalities of a field jacket because they look great. And what’s more, they perform just as well at the campsite or on a trip. Adding this classic fashion staple to your wardrobe will make your looks more prominent.

Christian Shell Field Jacket
Stylish field jackets worth checking out:

5. A Bomber Jacket

The bomber jacket is yet another piece inspired by the military. Regardless of its origin bomber jacket is widely accepted as a sharp blazer replacement. It’s one of the best options for just about every spring style situation. As the temperature starts to rise in the early spring, this item is essential in every man’s wardrobe.

6. A Lightweight Jacket

The lightweight jacket is noticeably lighter and thinner than down jackets. Its purpose is to serve us when a light rain sneaks up on us protecting us and keeping us warm. Throw it in a backpack on a sunny spring afternoon. But buy one that shouldn’t be taken lightly, and please don’t go too cheap. Baracuta’s Harrington jackets are made to take the beating, and this one is extra-versatile.

Dunstall Waxed-Cotton Jacket

7. A Leather Jacket

I bet you are not going to find a more iconic spring jacket than a leather jacket. It doesn’t matter if it’s a motorcycle, bomber, or a trendy leather jacket you are going to look epic in it. A quality jacket can cost you lots of money. The upside is that a leather jacket is an investment. It doesn’t matter whichever one you choose it will last forever. And my personal tip – you can always go vintage. Oh and a quick reminder some of the best leather jackets tend to cost quite a lot.

50s Perfecto Leather Biker Jacket

What To Wear With Spring Jacket

  • Denim jacket: go with a t-shirt and chino pants for the best result.
  • Weatherproof Jacket: I believe it self explanatory. You can wear it on anything as long as it keeps you dry.
  • Field Jacket: any smart casual look is going to work well with this piece.
  • Bomber Jacket: just about any look goes well with this jacket. If wearing a bold coloured or printed version make it a central piece of your outfit.
  • Blouson jacket: whatever is working with a bomber jacket is going to work with this jacket. I like wearing it with trousers and a good quality jumper.
  • Lightweight Jacket: try a bright coloured version with a lightweight suit. Believe me, it will make heads turn.
  • A Leather Jacket: jeans, chino pants, t-shirt, shirt, you name it. It’s hard to go wrong with this jacket.
Men in spring coats
Justus Frederic Hansen | IG justusf_hansen

Last Thoughts

A good quality classic jacket is a good investment that is going to last forever. On a positive note, it’s going to make your morning decisions much easier when you have more than one style to choose from.

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