10 Best Harrington Jackets And How To Pick One

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Many will argue that Harrington and bomber jacket are the same, but I want to make it clear that they are not. Yes, it has many similarities, but nonetheless, both bomber and Harrington are Iconic menswear pieces. But what makes this outerwear timeless and very special you need to look back at the 1950s and 60s. Popularized by James Dean, Steve McQueen, Elvis Presley, and Mr.James Bond this garment became a piece of an item every man was craving for. Follow along with this guide on how to get the best Harrington jacket.

What Is Harrington Jacket?

It’s a short, lightweight jacket with a standing collar that usually has either one or two buttons on it. It has a tight waist, zip fastening, and a couple slanted slit or flap pockets. So if you encounter a jacket like this, it’s unmistakenly a Blouson jacket.

How To Pick A Harrington Jacket?

It was much easier back in the day because it wasn’t too many to choose from. If to be more exact, it was only one for a long time, and it was The Original – Baracuta G9. It’s a bit different these days. You have many different colors, fit, and fabrics to choose from, which is excellent for someone who is looking a bit more variety and extravagance.

These are a few popular options I will cover later in the article:

  • Original Harrington
  • Patterned Harrington
  • Technical Harrington
  • Suede Harrington

How To Wear The Harrington Jacket?

For the best look you need to go a traditional path, and that is either chino pants or jeans paired with a t-shirt and a pair of white sneakers. If looking for something more punk-rock, opt for a pair of traditional Dr. Martins for a change. Layering is another excellent option suitable for colder days. Try to wear it over a chunky turtle neck sweater for warmth. When it comes to color, a lot depends on the jacket. If it’s a neutral color like white, grey, beige, black, brown, or blue, you will have fewer problems pairing it with other items in your closet.

List Of 10 Best Harrington Jackets

1. The Original – Baracuta G9

Yet another iconic piece straight from England. If a list is without a G9, it’s not a complete list. This jacket is steeped in history in which every gentleman would want to take part in it. It’s been around for years and believe me this outerwear is going nowhere. It’s made from a cotton-polyester water-resistant fabric and a breathable Fraser tartan lining.

2. Polo Ralph Lauren Baracuda

Cut from cotton this Polo Ralph Lauren blouson has all the traditional details of a classic Baracuda. Its super lightweight built makes it a very comfortable spring, summer, and fall outerwear. All it takes to make the best of it is to throw it on your favorite white t-shirt and a pair of dark blue jeans paired with white sneakers.

3. Tommy Hilfiger Harrington Jacket

This Tommy Hilfiger cotton Harrington jacket with icon stripe sleeve trim in tan looks special. I like all the small details like Hilfiger colors across both ribbed hems. All the little details make the outerwear fell unique. For a casual night out pair it with your best black jeans, a white t-shirt and put on a white pair of converse sneakers.

4. Lyle & Scott Harrington jacket

This Lyle & Scott jacket offers an excellent price and quality at the same time. Its sportier looks could be categorized as technical Harrington. It’s perfect for someone who prefers a laid back more relaxed look. Don’t overdress it and keep it simple.

5. Farah Hardy Harrington Jacket

It’s yet another great and affordable outerwear that offers the best of both world, quality and style. Tan color is versatile and can be matched with many other pieces in your wardrobe. Take, for instance, dark or blue jeans, grey trousers, white or black t-shit it’s going to work no matter what.

6. Tommy Jeans Harrington Jacket

If looking to add more variety to your wardrobe then Tommy Jeans Harrington jacket is a great piece to do that. Though patterned outerwear is not the most versatile piece, you can still find ways to wear it. Try to pair it with light blue jeans and a pair of vans or converse shoes. Throw it over a crew neck t-shirt and head out for a casual night out.

7. Lacoste Harrington Jacket

Lacoste Harrington in marine blue is a bit more versatile than other jackets on this list. Cut from a 100% cotton, it feels light and subtle. You can make it work with a smart casual or even business casual look. For a smart-casual pair, it with dark blue jeans and oxford shirt and business casual requires a more formal approach. Try dress pants and a blue dress shirt for an optimal look.

8. SALLE PRIVÉE Harrington Jacket

Made from a lightweight, water-repellent shell SALLE PRIVÉE is a stylish and an excellent all-around garment. A water repellent material will protect you from a drizzle; however, it most certainly not going to replace your rain jacket. Pair it with jeans, your favorite crew neck sweater and a pair of best sneakers you have for the casual look.

9. Ted Baker Harrington Jacket

It’s a little bit unusual to see a long Harrington jacket, but fashion is in a constant change. No wonder these days, even the most iconic fashion items are being slightly changed for better or worse. In this case, I like the details and slightly longer silhoute. It’s a perfect garment for colder fall evenings. You can wear this blouson jacket in many different outfit variations.

10. Frame Harrington Jacket

“Frame’s” lightweight, water-resistant classic Harrington has everything you could want from this type of jacket. It offers both style and practicality. On a practical side, water-resistant outerwear serves well on the sometimes unpredictable weather forecast. Combining practicality and style, there’s not much else you need. This color allows you to pair it with a more neutral down to earth colors.

Last thoughts

Fashion is going through constant iterations and makeovers. Harrington or Blouson jacket is no exception. As I mentioned before you have quite a few options to choose from. Suede, technical, patterned or original Harrington and that’s not it. With that said, don’t be afraid to go out of boundaries when it comes to choosing which one to buy. This list contains some interesting pieces that will go along very well with your collection of clothes

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