Best Jackets For Men And How To Pick One

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Here’s is what you need to know about some of the best jackets for men. But I can’t go without a small intro of every men’s daily struggles first. You know that feeling when you wake up in the morning and ask your self. What should I wear today? You go through your closet and don’t have much to choose from. Well, that is a bit of a challenge. It’s nothing like having one favourite pair of jeans where you could conceivably get away with. Can you imagine wearing a leather jacket full of snaps and zippers at a dinner party with your girlfriend’s parents for the very first time? Yes, fashion is dictating the way you dress, but it would still look a bit awkward. What you need is to add more variety to your wardrobe. Investing in a few different styles of jackets would be an excellent place to start.

The Most Versatile Jacket
The Most Comfortabile Jacket
The Most Stylish Jacket

Men's Jacket Styles You Need To Know

  1. A Bomber Jacket
  2. A Biker Jacket
  3. A Harrington Jacket
  4. A Shearling Jacket
  5. A Safari Jacket
  6. A Trucker Jacket
  7. A Denim Jacket
  8. A Hooded Jacket
  9. A Track Jacket
  10. A Classic Cafe Racer Jacket
  11. A Parka Jacket
  12. A Cashmere Jacket

How should a jacket fit you?

First and foremost, fit is always your top priority. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a dress pant, sweatpants or a bespoke suit. A jacket that is too loose or too small it doesn’t feel right. However, wearing the one that fits you perfectly not only makes you look more stylish but also gives you a boost of confidence.

fitted mens jacket
Richard Biedul | IG richardbiedul

Let’s say you’re planning to wear a coat on top of several layers. For warmth, for this reason, choose something slightly bigger. And if the jacket is meant to be worn over a shirt or a t-shirt, look for something that is a bit smaller and fits closer to your body.

Which Types of Jackets For Men To Consider?

Should you consider a jacket that is classic and timeless or opt for something trendy and fashionable? It’s hard to say because a lot depends on your needs budget and occasion. If you’re on a tight budget stick to something more classic that offers you more ways to wear it. However, let’s say money is not an issue for you and it’s yet another piece to your vast collection. Shopping for a trendy or more expensive jacket is always a good option.

Take into consideration the season of the year. A denim jacket is probably not your best option for a cold winter. Read our guides to find a perfect jacket for a different season of the year:

Types of mens jacket
Richard Biedul | IG richardbiedul

How Important is Jackets versatility?

Would you agree with me that considering jackets versatility before purchasing one is the hardest part? What can I wear with this jacket? Is it as versatile as my navy blue chino pants? Well, it goes hand-in-hand with the advice above. Choose one depending on your needs or budget. Some men can pull off just about any looks. So if you are one of that men most of us envy you.

mens jacket versatility
Richard Biedul | IG richardbiedul

Men’s Jacket Fabrics

One might think that fabric serves only practicality. That’s a misconception. Part of fabrics party is not only to protect you from elements. A well-chosen fabric makes you look stylish, warm and waterproof if that’s what you are looking for.

The best jacket is made from fabrics that excel at both style and practicality. Everyone is already well familiar with the most popular choices. Suede, leather, cotton are among the most popular ones. But nowadays the market has more to offer based on your needs.

Gore-Tex and Thinsulate is an all-new fabric. It’s lightweight, warm and waterproof suitable for all-weather conditions. Eco-friendly Thermogreen insulation is another cool high-tech fabrics. It’s made to keep you warm even when wet. PrimaLoft developed for U.S. Army is yet another water-resistant, synthetic fabric.

My List of Essential Jackets For Men You Can Buy On Amazon

A List of Some of The Best Jackets For Men

1. A Biker Jacket

Rebellious would be a perfect definition when describing a bikers jacket. Though it doesn’t mean you have to be a motorcyclist to own one. This tight, short leather jacket full of zips and studs is a one tough and stylish piece of clothing you’ll find. Throw it over a T-shirt with jeans, making it a comfortable and stylish option for a night out with friends.

SAINT LAURENT Slim-Fit Textured Leather Biker Jacket

2. A Bomber Jacket

The bomber is a short and durable jacket with a zippered front, also known as a flight jacket. The style came from the US Air Force, worn by pilots. Traditional bombers are made of leather. However, nylon and other materials are more common these days. Flight jacket became popular in the mid of 20th century. It didn’t take long for it grew into a symbol of honour, adventure, and style. Hollywood stars are the most significant contributors to boosting the sales of this jacket tremendously. Now it’s one of the most popular fashion items of all time.

RAG & BONE Manston Nylon Bomber Jacket

3. A Harrington Jacket

Many refer to a Harrington Jacket as a blouson jacket. You may ask why? Well, because it’s drawn tight at the waist, causing it to blouse out and hang over the waistband. Harrington is a waist-length, zippered, solid-colour outerwear. Its style has many similarities to a bomber. What makes it different is that it’s more tailored and finished with a classic collar. Most would agree with me it’s a more refined outerwear. If looking for more information about some of the best Harrington jackets read this guide.

BEAMS-PLUS Kaptain Sunshine Cotton-Twill Blouson Jacket

4. A Shearling Jacket

What I like about shearling jacket is that it’s one of the most stylish winter outerwear. It keeps you warm even on the coldest winter days. These jackets feature a soft sheep’s wool that is often replaced with a cheaper synthetic. A traditional shearling has a woolly inner and a suede outer. But of course, there are many other options available. Some options include leather styles that have shearling only on the collar or lapel.

Faux Shearling Lined Logo Printed Cotton Canvas Jacket

5. A Safari Jacket

I would say the safari jacket is one of the most practical and stylish pieces of an item in menswear wardrobe. Safari jacket was born as a garment that hunters and trackers wore. Later on, it was re-adopted by British and German forces fighting in Africa during World War Two. Nowadays this jacket comes in a lighter-weight, breathable fabric like linen or cotton. Also, some extra details can be found on some of them like epaulettes and a belt.

6. A Trucker Jacket

A trucker jacket is yet another timeless design. Well known for its double breast pockets and typically short and fitted style. Often this jacket is made out of blue denim. However, throughout the years it evolved into many different designs. It’s available in shearling-trimmed and suede designs. Very often you’ll find them in many different colours such as brown and black. The Levis trucker is probably the most iconic of its kind.

best Distressed Denim Trucker Jacket

7. A Denim Jacket

Denim Jacket is yet another versatile garment. It looks great both with casual and smart casual outfits. Having a few different colour denim jackets in your wardrobe is worth the investment. It works for any time of the year. Wear it on a cold winter day over a turtleneck sweater and below overcoat. And as for summer nights throw it over any T-shirt (white would be your best choice) and head over for a comfortable and stylish evening with your friends.

BALENCIAGA Cropped Embroidered Distressed Denim Jacket

8. A Hooded Jacket

It’s one of those jackets that every man should own. Not only a hooded jacket is stylish and fashionable, it’s also exceptionally practical. It’s perfect outerwear for these dark, windy, rainy days. Just pick one of many different styles available. Match it together with any casual or smart casual looks for the best result.

BURBERRY Loqo Appliquéd Shell Hooded Jacket

9. A Track Jacket

Look around and try to spot how track jacket increased in popularity. It makes it an excellent spring jacket that is perfect for an active time in a park or having a coffee down at your local coffee shop. Track jackets design is as comfortable and lightweight as you would like it to be. Its distinctive features are zip front with ribbed cuffs and waistband. Match it with track pants or perhaps go with jeans for a more 90s look.

Appliquéd Striped Shell Jacket

10. A Classic Cafe Racer Jacket

Something is intriguing about a classic cafe racer jacket. Maybe it’s a fact it was worn by men racing through the city streets on their bikes back in the ’60s and ’70s. The traditional racer is well known for its minimal details. Slim fit, black leather, stand-up collar, tapered arms that is a classic cafe racer jacket.

Faux Fur Lined Leather Café Racer Jacket

11. A Parka Jacket

Parka is a perfect jacket for both spring and autumn. Even though it’s considered more of winter wear you can still find some excellent options for a warmer time of the year. It’s stylish and practical which makes it appealing outerwear for people who spends a lot of time outdoors.

parka jacket

12. A Cashmere Jacket

Who doesn’t like soft fabric and especially when we are talking about cashmere? It has to be on your to-buy list.

Winter Voyage Suede-Trimmed Storm System Baby Cashmere Field Jacket

Final Words

So what is essential of finding the right jacket? My highest recommendation would be – stick to a more classic piece. This would offer you more ways to combine and tone it. In other words – versatility is the key.

I prefer investing (love this word when speaking about quality) to a longevous and sustainable peace. Most importantly, a good jacket will last forever. Better own a few than buy questionable quality jackets for each season.

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4 Responses

  1. Excellent list of jackets. I especially like the biker jacket. It’s the most essential item in men’s wardrobe IMHO.

  2. Denim and leather jackets are my all-time favourites. I bought a levis denim jacket almost ten years ago and it still looks great despite me wearing it very often. I can’t say the same about my biker jacket. Bought one form Zara and it took me three seasons to wear it down. This time I have a much bigger budget to spend on good quality leather and would recommend you to do the same.

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