Best Trench Coats For Men 2019 Season

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The trench coat is one of the very few modern classics with a deep history. And what is more impressive it’s one of the most versatile outerwear fitting any occasion. The trench coat was developed as an alternative to the heavy coats worn by the British army back in WWI. However throughout WWII and beyond, shorter field jackets became more popular. It was more practical in a field. But happily, trench morphed into business wear for civilians.

Trench Coat On a Small Budget
The Best Trench Coat You Can Buy
The Best Lightweight Trench Coat

An interesting fact: have you ever wondered why are there belts and loops? You may think of it as of accessories. In fact, they were there with a purpose to hold maps alongside with other tools used in a battle.

Men in burberry trench coat
Justus Frederic Hansen | IG justusf_hansen

How Should a Trench Coat Fit?

  1. A trench coat should be big enough to be worn over the blazer or heavy sweater. An excellent way to measure if a coat fits you is to button it up completely.
  2. The shoulders must extend out past your natural shoulder by 0,5 to 1 inch. Ideally, you want to be able to fit a fist in the chest area without compromising arm movement.
  3. Sleeves are another essential part sometimes being overlooked. They should be worn 2 to 4 inches longer than a blazer or a suit jacket’s sleeves.
Men in casual trench coat
Erik Mannby | IG erikmannby

Modern trench coat length varies anywhere from 37 to 45 inches. The very first trench coats back in the days been made longer. The initial idea was to protect the wearer from adverse weather conditions. When choosing a coat, there’s not a right length for a trench coat. Instead, you need to select the one that fits your body type. Short men should consider buying a shorter coat the one that fit above the knee. And taller and larger men should go for a longer coat that fall a few inches below the knee. Short coats can make tall men look like giants unless you don’t mind that. But still, Most men prefer a shorter coat. Yes, it looks more proportional without making you look like a Darth Vader.

A List of Excellent Trench Coats on Amazon I Recommend

A List of The Best Trench Coats For Men

1. Burberry Trench Coat

If you ask anyone these days, who designed a trench coat? Without any hesitation, I can tell you the answer would be Thomas Burberry. Although I’m not entirely sure if that is true. Aquascutum’s claims the invention of the trench coat dating back to the 1850s. But who cares anyway. Thomas Burberry created them as an alternative to the heavy serge greatcoats worn by British and French soldiers in the First World War. Originally it was only available to Army officials. But eventually, the trench coat climbed up in popularity especially when the veterans returned and started wearing them as part of their everyday getup. Today, Burberry is one of the most renowned clothing brands in the world. They are making all kinds of clothes. Double-breasted alongside single-breasted coats remain the most distinctive products in their line.

Kensington Cotton-Gabardine Trench Coat

2. Casual Trench Coat

Are you on a tight budget? Or maybe you think that having one trench coat in your wardrobe’s rotation is enough. Then choosing a versatile, classic look is the best option for both casual and formal looks. Versatility is a perfect adjective that describes trench coat. Since it looks impressive even on a dressed-down style. But still even when buying a casual coat keep in mind that one day you may be wearing the coat with jeans the next day you may be wearing it with a suit and a tie. For a casual style look single-breasted coats in beige, khaki, stone or navy. Don’t forget to leave it unbuttoned it will appear more casual and laid back.

Double-Breasted Stretch-Cotton Gabardine Hooded Trench Coat

3. Double-Breasted Trench Coat

The most popular choice these days is a double-breasted coat. Most of the double-breasted designs have a waist belt. It makes a coat appear a better fit. Especially if you plan on wearing the coat buttoned up and with fewer layers underneath. As with many clothing items, you may need to make a few adjustments to ensure you’re looking the best you can. The double-breasted design is one of the essential items to have in your wardrobe. It epitomises a classic look while sending a clear signal that the wearer is sophisticated and elegant.

Kensington Double-Breasted Cotton-Gabardine Trench Coat With Detachable Gilet

4. Military Green Trench Coat

Considering the trench coat’s origins, it is no surprise why this colour was selected. It’s because soldiers could remain unseen in the similarly coloured landscapes. There are so many things I like about this colour. It’s still classic and contemporary in style. And matches with so many other neutral tones in a wardrobe while still giving a twist to your look.

Cotton-Twill Trench Coat

5. Cropped Trench Coat

A cropped version of the trench coat is becoming increasingly popular. But keep in mind that a cropped design will fall just below the belt line. A coat that is around the thigh can make you appear much taller. In fact, if you are already tall as I mentioned before you can even appear to be bigger (keep that in mind). Keep it simple with a shorter-length trench coat. Avoid accessories like waist belts and too much detail. The shorter coat is an excellent spring and autumn option. Also for any time when you’re wearing few layers underneath.

Kensington Cotton-Gabardine Trench Coat

Final Note

Despite its military origins the trench coat is still going to remain a stylish raincoat for men and women alike. It is versatile and can make you look stunning both wearing it with jeans or suit. Because of its weight and detachable liner, it can be worn throughout all four seasons. It is an ideal coat to travel with since it combines multiple coats in one and still fit perfectly in your suitcase. Before you buy one, think where and how you will wear it and what style would look best on you.

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